Moving shipments across the US-Mexico border is not a simple process. Understandably, several compliance concerns will need to be addressed if you are going to have any success in doing so, especially for the long term. But if you aren’t a sizeable company and you don’t already have a department in place to handle this, the work can be very difficult. It is highly detailed and so, it should go without saying that you need detailed knowledge. You can find that in professional border compliance services and fortunately for you, at San Diego Customs Broker, we can bring you exactly that. So, get in contact with us about the details of your import and we can help you make the necessary preparations in the way of compliance. 

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Appraisement Method

When you are exporting your goods to the United States, you need to be able to give a valid valuation for your products. This can be done by what is known as appraisement and there are six methods for achieving this, including transaction value, transaction value of similar merchandise, transaction value of identical merchandise, computed value, deductive value, values if other value cannot be determined. Selecting the right one depends on your circumstances and our team will be happy to work these out with you every time, so you always deliver the correct value. 

Rate of Duty Support

On top of this, a duty value needs to be totaled up and given to your border agent, detailing the rate at which duty should be paid. This is different with every shipment and depends on so much more than simply the appraisement. At the same time, it needs to include insurance amounts, freight costs, and any additional costs, if it is going to be accurate and compliant. This can be a hefty load of paperwork and working it out can take up your precious time. But if you leave the job to us, we can make sure that everything is handled with precision and effectiveness. 

Government Forms

After all of the payments have been handled, several legally binding forms must be completed. No matter what type of goods you are importing or how many occasions you have done it, these forms are essential and you simply cannot go without them. But these are detailed and nuanced, which can make making mistakes very easy. Luckily for you, working with our team guarantees that every document will always be passed correctly and with the necessary information. 

Trade Program Support

Between the USA, Canada, and Mexico, numerous trade programs are in place to help make trade run smoothly and affordably for importers and exporters. In many cases, this includes financial plans, which could help you to save significant amounts on your import costs. Our team is well versed in these plans and we are always glad to help our clients to take advantage of them. With our advice, you’ll never pay more than you should be through trade programs.


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