Border Services

Trying to move stock or any products across the border between the US and Mexico border isn’t necessarily the most straightforward thing. It requires a lot of official documentation and there are many logistical concerns that need to be accounted for. On your own, this can be an incredibly difficult thing to handle and it may even be too much hassle than it was worth. However, with professional support at the border, there wouldn’t be any trouble for you to deal with. At San Diego Customs Broker, that is precisely what we can provide to you. Our expert border services can be just the thing to help you get your shipment across smoothly and swiftly, in the most effective ways.

an image of the US Border Patrol Office

US Border Services

Our team is a licensed US border customs broker, based on the San Diego border with Mexico. Every day, we see thousands of products crossing the border in import and export agreements and so many fail for not having the right support. Without a doubt, you need expertise and understanding with all of the processes involved in the border process and that is what we can bring to you. We can offer you specialist support with all of the paperwork, logistics, and onward connections that you need, so you have the smoothest experience at the border.

Mexico Border Services

Just as much so, if you are based in Mexico then we will be able to offer our support to you. We have plenty of experience in the field and over the years, we have built up excellent professional relationships with agents in various fields on the Mexican side of the border. Our team understands the conditions and expectations of the crossing and we know how to help anybody new to exporting handle it most effectively. You can count on us for genuine advice and guidance, as well as the attentive service that is so important.

US Customs Documents

Whether you are just trying to import a case of apples or you need to send a shipment of motor vehicles across the border, there is a series of important documents that you need to prepare for US customs. While these may vary from item to item, they generally entail similar requirements and our team knows how to manage these best. Our highly trained team is incredibly diligent with these such documents and we’ll no doubt be able to apply these skills to your needs.

Precision and Efficiency

Our team is meticulous with our border services and we understand the need for this, for the sake of our clients. We don’t want to be wasting your time or money, and we certainly do not want to be the cause for any missed opportunities further down the line. For this reason, we make sure we are precise in all of our documenting and recording, and take care of the entire process efficiently. That way, we know we are going to be able to provide you with the smoothest experience at the border.

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So, if you plan to be moving shipments of goods across the US-Mexico border, make sure you have the right support from us, as your best team of customs brokers. Give us a call whenever you need one of our services and we’ll make sure that you have all of the professional support that you need.