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San Diego Customs Broker is a customs broker located in San Diego, CA with a focus on Mexican customs brokerage to import and export goods for companies of all sizes. With our core values being the most reliable and trustworthy brokerage company, we’re proud to have a great reputation when it comes to customs brokerage for both imports and exports. If you’re looking to import goods from Mexico, our Mexican customs brokers will help you navigate all of the paperwork, tax requirements, tariffs and fees that come into play with importing goods from one country to another.

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Mexican Customs Brokerage Services

San Diego Customs Brokers is strategically located on the U.S., Mexico border in San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Baja California. We work with an in-house Mexican customs broker to coordinate comprehensive service for navigating cross-border import and export requirements including services such as:

  • Clearance of goods across borders quickly and securely
  • Understanding how NAFTA affects crossing between Canada/U.S./Mexico
  • Assistance with trade agreements like North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Consulting about licensing procedures from both countries’ agencies pertaining to imports or exports into their jurisdiction respectively without any legal obligations imposed by either party involved when conducting transactions through our brokerage firm
  • Business development projects that will increase commerce integration among corporations which operate internationally
  • Preferential treatment process

Reliability and Support

To ensure your imports into Mexico we offer a plethora of services that can make the entire process easier and more affordable. Whether you need help with classification, compliance or logistics, our experienced staff will be there to assist you at every step of the way. From start to finish these professionals are dedicated to making sure all goes smoothly so that importing is an easy task for those who choose it as their preferred form of trade barriers.

We take card of the hard work for you

We can provide all the resources you need to import and export goods across borders, whether it is done through our affiliates or not. We have a vast network of warehouses that make packing and shipping your items quick while also being cost effective. Our goal as an international company isn’t just about fulfilling needs for customers – it’s making sure they feel satisfied with how we take care of them in every step along their journey!

We partner with you

San Diego Customs Broker can help you navigate the customs process. When shipping to or from Mexico, it’s important that your supply chain has a reliable partner who speak fluent Spanish and understands Mexican commerce regulations with trade experience in order to make sure everything is taken care of correctly

From Mexican Pedimento filing to IMMEX processes we know the importance of cross-border logistics. We can provide a customized solution for your supply chain needs with Mexican customs processes and requirements in mind.


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Por lo tanto, si planea mover envíos de mercancías a través de la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México, asegúrese de tener el apoyo adecuado de nuestra parte, como su mejor equipo de agentes de aduanas. Llámenos siempre que necesite uno de nuestros servicios y nos aseguraremos de que tenga todo el apoyo profesional que necesita. 

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